Saturday , 20 September 2014
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China: Microsoft has 3 Weeks to Explain Compatibility Issues


Microsoft-001China’s competition regulator stated last week that the tech giant, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), wasn’t cooperating with their probe. Now, they’ve given Microsoft 20 days or approximately 3 weeks to respond to their questions regarding the compatibility issues with MS Office and Windows.



The SAIC, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, has relayed the details to Microsoft’s China VP David Chen. They also demanded a written explanation within 20 days. The issue stems from problems encountered in China with regards to IE (Internet Explorer) and WMP (Windows Media Player). This software bundling issue was resolved in Europe and the United States years ago.


Microsoft, for their part, says they definitely want to comply with China’s laws and will seriously address the SAIC’s concerns and questions.


Early into the investigation, Chinese officials ordered raids on Microsoft’s and Accenture’s offices in China in search of documents. Initially, it was thought the reason was the dropping of support for Windows XP. It was only revealed later that they were investigating anti-monopoly laws.