Saturday , 20 September 2014
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Momen Nasab: Unblocking Facebook Breaks Iran’s Constitution


Facebook in Iran


An Iranian senior official says unblocking social networking websites, especially Twitter and Facebook, is against Iran’s constitution and the government is not authorized to do so.

Facebook and Twitter are currently blocked in Iran since 2009. More than 6 million Iranians have reportedly registered accounts in Facebook to communicate with their friends and relatives.

“The operations of Facebook and Twitter are fundamentally against Islamic Republic of Iran. These social networking websites influenced by intelligence services, and they are handing over users’ information to third-parties for malicious purposes,” said Ruhollah Momen-Nasab, Head of the Internet Division of the IT Development and Digital Media Center of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

“In my opinion, Iranians should avoid creating accounts in these websites. There are numerous risks associated with using social networking websites in these days. From times to times, reliable news sources unveil the suspicious activities of Facebook and Twitter. The managers of these sites are constantly breaking the privacy of users,” the Iranian official claimed.

Momen-Nasab is notorious for his negative comments about social networking websites. In 2011, Ruhollah Momen-Nasab accused Google of spying users via Google Plus service.

“Unfortunately a number of Iranian officials are actively using Facebook. I kindly urge them stop doing so because this action clearly violates state rules with regard to Internet filtering system in the country,” Momen-Nasab added.

“Undoubtedly Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani is against unblocking Facebook and Twitter. Restoring access to these websites is actually against the constitution, because the offending content of social networking websites cannot be filtered separately due to technical difficulties.” Ruhollah Momen-Nasab concluded.

The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has recently verified his Twitter account. Zarif has also opened a fan page in Facebook receiving hundred thousands of likes. He is actively posting in his Facebook page to keep people updated about Iran’s foreign policy.