Monday , 22 September 2014
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Myspace Blackmailing a Return?


Myspace Blackmailing a ReturnBack in the early 2000’s, a social platform named Myspace became widely popular for users on the internet. It was a place for people around the world to connect with friends and potentially make a name for themselves, particularly bands and artists.


However, once Facebook came in and took the social media world by surprise, Myspace saw a decline. Then other social media platforms came into existence. Soon, Myspace was lost.

Reports are saying that now, Myspace is trying to make a comeback. A spokesman for the website stated that Myspace was contacting old and current users to get them engaged in the website once again.

Through e-mail, Myspace is sending the users their old pictures they posted. Some of them are a bit embarrassing. They have been making improvements to the site in hopes to become popular again. Some say it is a form of blackmail, but it could also serve as a reminder to be careful of what you post online. Myspace only has about 15 billion photos of its users, while Facebook has roughly 250 billion photos.